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Toxic Realities & Radical Remedies – Fundraising Campaign! by radiclebeets

ImageSome of our collective gardeners have been supporting the organization a 3-month course called Toxic Realities and Radical Remedies: A Grassroots Bioremediation Intensive, which will be happening at the Purple Thistle, starting January 16- March 20, 2014 on Unceded Coast Salish Territories. We will be learning how to work with natural living systems, like mushrooms, plants, and bacteria, to clean up toxic landscapes in our communities! We want the course to be as financially accessible as possible. So, for this to be possible, we are starting a crowdfunding campaign to raise money Saturday, Dec 7! Check out the preview! https://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/00ba4342

Our generation isImage facing one of the toughest challenges known to humankind: our wayof life is destroying the very planet we live on. Finding safe places in the city to grow healthy food and medicine is becoming increasingly difficult. Clean air and fresh water is becoming less accessible. Resource extraction, aging infrastructure, climate chaos and extreme energy are leading to countless environmental disasters. Toxic contamination follows us everywhere in our everyday lives, in the air, in our water, in the soil, and in our food. Health in North America is declining, not just in humans, but in animals, plants, forest, and waters as well. As youth, we are coming to realize that we are the ones facing the worst of the consequences: this is our toxic legacy. And, we are agents of change!So we must spearhead many of the actions required to get ourselves, and future generations, out of this mess. In many ways, we are stoked to take on this responsibility, and for us, this is a step in that direction!


Call Out For Community Support!

In order to fund this course, which will be lead by Leila Darwish, grassroots bioremediator and author of Earth Repair: A Grassroots Guide to Healing Toxic and Damaged Landscapes, we have organized an indiegogo fundraising campaign. If you would like to contribute, either by donating, or helping us spread the word! Our indiegogo campaign launch is Saturday, Dec. 6! Here is a preview! https://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/00ba4342

This course has never been offered in this way, and we are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to run it here in Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories. We want it to be as accessible as possible, so those who are passionate in doing this work can afford to learn the skills to do so and apply them at other toxic sites in the community. For more information on the course, please check out http://earthrepair.ca/radicalremedies-vancouver/

We welcome and appreciate any contributions. This includes spreading the word! Much much Thank You’s!

In Joy and liberation!



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