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Harvest Shakedown Party – Updates by radiclebeets

Oct 14, 2012 marked our 2nd Annual Harvest Shakedown Party. This year our main project was to install an irrigation system in our food forest. This was pretty ironic seeing as we woke up Sunday morning to pouring rain. So why were we so prompted to do this during such a funny, wet season? Well, we were advised that if for some reason there would be a dryer spell in the winter, the moisture would freeze around the roots of our trees. With the irrigation system, we will be able to prevent this from happening if necessary.

Considering the rain, the turn out was great! We would like to thank everyone who came out and got muddy with us!  We had 900 feet of irrigation to install (plus tedious prep time!) and we covered half of it. The second half will be much faster since we’ve finished cutting and gluing our piping attachments.

Inside, we had food prepared and hot tea served through out the day. We were able to warm up when we felt like it was a good time.

Seeing as the Food Forest is also threatened by the Malkin Connector, we decided to use this time to respond to the city. People wrote letters, made cards, and together we started our mural-sized drawing. The mural is a reflection of how people in the community are truly connected to their city. We mapped out Vancouver, and created little drawings of ourselves, or things that were important to us, and posted it on the map. The idea is to show that there are things in the city that connect us to each other far more efficiently and effectively than a super, concrete road; for example community gardens like Cottonwoods, Strathcona, and our Food Forest.

We were really excited to see so many different people come by to lend a hand. We gave many Thistle tours for first-timers, and we made a lot of new friends. It was nice to see so many different people from different worlds connecting, working together and sharing ideas. Thanks again everyone!


Oct. 14th – 2nd Annual Harvest Shakedown! by adamthuggins
October 3, 2012, 9:43 pm
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Purple Thistle Gardeners 2nd Annual Harvest Shakedown!

Sun. Oct. 14 from 12pm to 5pm at the corner of Charles St. and Vernon Dr.

Come and help us celebrate the end of our third season and the coming of fall! We will be installing an irrigation system in our food forest, playing games, eating food, and enjoying music and company together! There will be free food prepared, an open mic, activities for kids, games, and surprises. Rain or shine!

More info at https://radiclebeets.wordpress.com.

Any questions, send on to marlarenn@gmail.com.


Hey gardeners!  Want to help make food, or facilitate activities, or play music?  Get in touch and help shakedown!

Radicle Beets at the 2012 Northwest Permaculture Convergence! by adamthuggins
October 3, 2012, 8:44 pm
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This weekend we’ll be headin’ on down to the beautiful Olympic Peninsula to present at the 5th annual Northwest Permaculture Convergence.  Details here – get yourself across the sound and camp out with us this weekend!

Here are the two presentations we’ll be throwing down –

Deschooling our Hives: Permaculture and the Purple Thistle Centre

Founded in 2009, the Youth Urban Agriculture Project started as a group of idealistic guerrilla gardeners with a desire to reclaim the industrial margins. Now, this youth-led collective has grown to specialize in urban permaculture while developing a system of free education accessible to all. Based out of the Purple Thistle Centre, an East Vancouver free space for arts & activism, the project includes several intensive permaculture gardens, three beehives, an herbal apothecary, a wetland restoration project, and a young food forest – all on unused industrial land.

Three active members of the YUAP will introduce the project, and facilitate an open conversion focused on public engagement on the margins, permaculture-based social systems, and approaches to collective organizing and de-schooling for a regenerative future.

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Anthotyping: The Plant Speaks
Anthotyping is the long-neglected art of using only plants, paper, and sunlight to create photographic prints.  The images you see are created by collecting plants from the wild and grinding them in a natural ’emulsion’ that is then painted onto paper and exposed to sunlight for anywhere from 5 to 50 hours.  There is no electricity and no synthetic chemicals involved in this process.  The subjects of the portraits themselves are members of our local plant community, ever-present whether we notice or not, bearers of great nutritional, medicinal, and spiritual gifts.  These images are intended to evoke the spirit of these often overlooked beings who have so much to offer us – a collaboration between people and plants for the renewal of our relationship with nature.

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