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The Purple Thistle Garden/ers Want to Thank You! by radiclebeets


Hey everyone!

We wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who has supported us in the past couple of days. It is incredible how many emails of support, and offerings we have received from folks in the community. We haven’t had time to respond to all of them, so we wanted to make a big shout out to you all. Because of you, our story has reached tens of thousands of people, just over social media! It is incredible.

As an update, the city is working to have us meet with David as soon as that is possible. Because of public pressure, it also sounds like David is willing to cooperate in a way that will be good for all of us. We want to garden collectively and with community. As much as it was a disgusting act of violence against our gardens, we recognize we don’t always have the privilege of choosing our communities, and so we do have to figure out a way to strengthen this particular relationship as he is part of our community. That is something that we hope can lead to something really positive, and we are willing to work for it.

The Food Forest has been our hearts for a really long time. For some of us, being able to connect, and learn to grow here has completely changed the direction of our lives. Many of us weren’t able to identify more than five plants coming into these gardens, and now most of us can rant for an easy hour about anything from how awesome mycelium is, to permaculture in all its principles, to beekeeping, to compost tea, to what it means to be growing food in the urban jungles, and to what it means to build community around our natural source of life that is food. We are fortunate to have had these experiences with a safe space to stick our hands in the dirt. We were grateful to have this land to come to when our lives felt as hectic as the pace of the city; when we needed to get away and plant ourselves somewhere. Even as our garden was destroyed, we are still learning, and thinking of how we can take away from this experience and apply it to how we grow in the future.

So, again, thank you all so much for supporting our project. It has been an emotional journey, and an incredible one nonetheless. We hope to have our gardens back, with trees in the soil again, and if/when this happens, we hope to see a  lot of you there!

For those interested in making donations, thank you so much! You can visit the Purple Thistle site here: http://purplethistle.ca/get-involved/donations/ .

Mulch Love and Peas,

the garden crew.

for contact info:

youth garden coordinator, kelsey: ki2freedom@gmail.com

director of Purple Thistle, carla: rainzine@gmail.com


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