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Toxic Realities and Radical Remedies: A Grassroots Bioremediation Intensive by radiclebeets
ImageRegistration is up for the first Bioremediation Course happening in Vancouver! Check it out, and if you feel like it’s a good idea, please spread the word! http://earthrepair.ca/radicalremedies-vancouver/
Toxic Realities & Radical Responses: A Grassroots Bioremediation Intensive
ImageRoot. Respond. Regenerate. Rewild. Join us for this unique hands-on course to explore and experiment with a diversity of  grassroots bioremediation tools in the urban jungles of East Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories. 
This 3 month intensive  will share grassroots bioremediation skills with youth and passionate community members of all ages who are interested in working with the land, growing and gathering healthy food and medicine, and getting involved in the healing of damaged and contaminated sites in their communities.  From fence lines to frontlines, at the heart of this course lies the fierce desire to support environmental justice struggles, to decolonize space and selves, and to care for and heal the lands and waters that sustain us all.
Bioremediation is the art and science of working with living systems and our fungal, bacterial and plant allies to detox and regenerate the health of contaminated lands and waters. There are different techniques used in bioremediation:
Microbial remediation: using microorganisms to breakdown and bind contaminants.
Phytoremediation: using plants to extract, bind, and transform contaminants.
Mycoremediation: working with fungi to clean up contaminated soil and water.
Many of us may be unfamiliar with grassroots bioremediation. Maybe we’ve heard stories or been to a workshop where we’ve learned that certain mushrooms can clean up oil spills and some plants can suck up heavy metals. But when faced with contaminated places or environmental disasters, we often struggle to translate the myths and promises of regenerative solutions into living realities. Though we don’t have all the answers, we’ve got lots to learn and its time to skill-up and start practicing! 
Topics covered in the course include:
· Grassroots Bioremediation 101
· Contaminants 101 (heavy metals and chemicals)
· Soil Testing

· Uncovering and Mapping the Ecologies of Ruin, Broken Landscapes, and Hidden Stories of Vancouver

· Site Assessment/Reading the Land.
· Radical Mycology and Mycoremediation Installations
· Grassroots Mushroom Cultivation Intensive
· Phytoremediation
· Microbial Remediation, thermophyllic composting, actively aerated compost tea preparation, efficient microorganisms, and biochar.
· Designing grassroots bioremediation projects
· Applications for water contamination, filtration, and watershed restoration
· Oil Spills 101 (conventional and grassroots bioremediation responses)
· Radiation
· Self-Care for Grassroots Remediators (personal protective gear, plant and mushroom allies for supporting detox and good health)
·  And many more…
Course Details:
When: January 16th to March 20th, 2014.
 A total of 14 classes will be offered, with 10 weeknight classroom sessions and 3  weekend day long work parties, field trips, or hands-on intensives. 
Classes will be held on Thursday evenings from 7pm-9pm, as well as weekend day long work parties or lab skill seminars (Feb 1st to 2nd, March 1st, March 15th).

Where: The Purple Thistle Centre (975 Vernon Dr, Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories)
Cost: Sliding Scale from $100-$300.
Grassroots bioremediation has to be affordable and accessible at the community level so we are working hard to offer the course at the lowest cost possible and also to make sure that everyone who has the heart and passion to learn these rad skills and to do this work can attend!  As a result, the course cost is already heavily discounted. We ask that If you have the ability to pay the full cost of the course, please do so that we are able to run the course. 
If you cannot afford the course fee, please let us know and we can figure out another arrangement – there are scholarships and work trades available and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. 
Instructor:  Leila Darwish + guest teachers

Registration Deadline: There are only 30 spots available for this course, so apply ASAP! Registration deadline is December 12th. Please fill out the registration form at http://earthrepair.ca/radicalremediesregistration/
For more information about the course, check out http://earthrepair.ca/radicalremedies-vancouver/ 

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