radicle beets

Goodbye Garlic by radiclebeets
So every single one of our garlic plants were taken from our Vernon beds at about 11:00pm Monday night. We planted them last October, and now we are mid-July. As easy as it would be to blame the folks who ripped and cut them out prematurely, it is really clear that this is a systemic symptom and that our counter response needs to be around community development rather than community blame. It ain’t easy to love the life that is the most raw and sore, but that is why we gotta fucking do it. Otherwise, who the hell else will. Otherwise, how the hell are things going to get better?
Our gardens are about taking what you need, and sometimes and right now that might mean different things for different people. Hopefully in the future taking what we need will also mean trusting there will be enough to leave for others.

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