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The wind that shakes the rye – – – ~ by radiclebeets
May 10, 2012, 6:20 pm
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Last night the Food Forest Design Pod had its first meeting.  15 awesome folks came to share ideas, perspectives, and do some applied armchair gardening – otherwise known as permaculture design!  We took a sunset stroll through the unusually windy Vancouver evening to see the rye grains bend beneath the breath of the night one last time, talking about the history of the land and how we’ve prepared it so far for its new role as a beautiful and bountiful forest garden.  Then we talked and played a card game to identify permaculture principles at work and explore how we could further apply these ideas to our design.


We’ve split into small design groups to design guilds (mutually beneficial plant communities) to take care of our new trees.  We’ll meet again on Wednesday, May 23rd from 8-1opm at the Thistle to present our research and take  the next steps.  Contact adamthuggins@gmail.com if you want to jump in, and take a look at the groups and photos below, why don’tcha?

Eddie, Kelsey, and Tiare – Apricot, Hazelnut

Shawn, Nick – Cherry

Beng – Tea Tree, Paper Birch

Phanh – Olive

Daniel – Pear

Matt – Apple

Adam – Asian Pear, Plum, Peach, Fig, Mulberry

Rye – our winter cover crop and spring biomass

the lay of the land

Apple blossoms on one of our young trees

our March tree planting

Eirlys and Adam demonstrate planting techniques

look how short the rye was in March!


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