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The day we needed a disclaimer by radiclebeets
May 8, 2012, 9:28 pm
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Our rye is on the run. It’s choking out the trees.

So it’s time to harvest.

It’s time to chop.

It’s time to scythe.

In lieu of the weed whakers failure, Adam went down to South Vancouver in search of a scythe. A scythe (pronounced syth–like saying “sight” with a lisp) is a traditional agricultural tool used to harvest grain. Seemed appropriate and right for the job.

All those on the email list must have gotten the same email I did yesterday night, the one titled “Anyone want to use how to use a sycthe” followed by “… then come to the food forest tomorrow for the Tuesday Workparty between 2 and 5pm and we’ll try not to kill ourselves.”

That’s when I decided to type out some legal forms. Too bad I don’t have a printer. Let’s hope every one comes back in one piece so that we can get some photos up.

Yes, we all have all our fingers, and we did take photos.



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